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Cattago The common Thonglor

Type: Commercial

Location: The common Thonglor, Suhumvit 55
Bangkok Thailand


Year: 2023

Design Area: 14 sq.m.

"Koh Tao's Dry Aged Fish" is a Cattago shop located on Koh Tao, not just a tourist destination but also a spiritual place that closely aligns with the essence of what the shop aims to present. The establishment is connected to the narrative of bringing fresh fish from Koh Tao to be serve in Bangkok.

The concept of the shop revolves around using fish that have been meticulously reduced to their essential forms as interior decorations. They achieve this by employing boats to transport the fish from the Koh Tao's fishery to create these decorative light fixtures. Moreover, the boats used are constructed from the customer's own ancestral boats, creating a captivating and distinctive atmosphere when presenting Cattago.

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